Tournament Features

Magic String is back!
Turn pars into birdies and
birdies into eagles!


How it works

  1. Players purchase packages of mulligans and string. The packages will contain a number of mulligans and a length of string (length varies by package). They also get a small set of scissors (to cut the string)
  2. Mulligans can be used ONCE by any player in the group to redo a shot.  You can redo a drive, fairway shot or a putt. Once the mulligan is used, it is discarded.
  3. The String is only to be used on the greens. It is basically an extension of a putt or an approach shot and does not count as a stroke if/when used. EXAMPLE - one of the groups 2nd shot lands 2 feet from the hole. If you have 2 feet of string left you measure that amount of string (from the middle of the ball to the edge of the cup) - cut that piece off (NOT TO BE USED AGAIN), and count your score. Since it was the 2nd shot that landed 2 feet from hole your score on that hole is 2. Using the string DOES NOT count as a stroke – that is why it is a benefit to have some string.  Same for putts - if everyone misses their putts, but the closest is a couple inches from the hole - use the string and score that hole as if you made one of the putts.

The advantage is huge if you have Magic String. It allows teams that struggle on the greens to get the ball close to the hole and save the stroke. Really good teams can also take advantage and get really low scores.

Packages Available:

  • 3 Mulligans and 3 feet of Magic String - $30
  • 4 Mulligans and 4 feet of Magic String - $40
  • 5 Mulligans and 5 feet of Magic String - $50
  • 6 Mulligans and 6 feet of Magic String - $60
  • Additional Magic String - $10 per Foot